Madison is a 24-year old artist occupying the lush evergreen rainforests surrounding the Salish Sea in Washington State.


Səʔ notsʔ tí. Hello, Welcome.

I am Shoalwater Bay, descended from the Lower bands of the "Federally Unrecognized" Chinook Nation, the lower Chehalis tribes, and the Nisqually Indian Nation.

My main inspiration comes from the beauty of my family—full of woodcarvers, beadwork artists, sewers, painters, jewelry artists, architects, skillful writers, filmmakers, mechanics, carpenters, mathematicians, photographers, storytellers, engineers, gardeners, botanists, and more. Every emotion can be transformed into an art, whether negative or positive.

My Great Chitcha Lorraine from my mother's side was a skillful beadwork artist and seamstress who left behind beautiful pieces of beadwork to family members. Chitcha Lorraine would create customized, handmade outfits for dolls and gift them to a few of her nieces, daughters and granddaughters. Madison was one of the few. 

My Chitcha Judith from my father's side was an amazing cook, artist gardener and pianist—she passed along this knowledge to all of her grandchildren every Summer. Over the years, Chitcha Judith suffered with medical bills she told no one about. When I was 8 years old, I recall Chitcha Judith giving me a potted, lilac-colored Pacific Bleeding Heart to take home. Chitcha had said to me, “Now you can start a garden of your own.” A few months later, I was taken out of school early, and had been informed that she had passed away. I grieved her absence for years. I was young, I felt as if I never got to say goodbye. 

Beading Hearts is a symbol of hope, unconditional love and reconciliation. It is something to believe in. 

I seek to define and redefine my place in this world forever. I hope that I will leave pieces of myself behind that will be remembered, that I will inspire those who have felt like they were too different or misunderstood. I hope to display how the brightest of light can only be found in the darkest of places. With every nightfall that passes, we dream and we gain a new perspective. I just want to change your point of view.

Hiyu Masi. I cannot thank you enough for your support.