Səʔ notsʔ tí. Hello, Welcome.

My name is Madison.

I am a twenty three year old Indigenous artist located on the central coast of Washington State. I am Shoalwater Bay, I descend from the "Federally Unrecognized" Chinook Nation, the lower Chehalis tribes, and the Nisqually Nation.

Three years ago I nearly lost my life, and I nearly lost the one that I love most because I had not yet learned forgiveness, and I had forgotten how to cherish life. During this time, I prayed for the hope and the courage to push forward from that point. I prayed for something to believe in.

My ancestors have taught me to remember my roots, to search for the light, to keep a grateful attitude and to give back to those who have contributed to my journey. I learned that you must sort out your apprehensiveness before you have earned the right to pick up the needle.

I seek to define and redefine my place in this world over and over again. I hope that I will leave pieces of myself behind that are worth remembering, that I will inspire those who have felt like they were too different, and to display how the brightest of light can only be found in the darkest of places. With every nightfall that passes, we dream and we gain a new perspective. I just want to change your point of view.

Hiyu Masi. Thank you for your support.