Səʔ notsʔ tí.

My name is Madison. I am a Shoalwater Bay, self-taught artist located in Washington state. My bloodlines trace back through the Chinook, the lower Chehalis, and the Nisqually Indian Nations.

My elders taught me to always give thanks and to do good when I feel good. With that being said, I believe in honoring energy. I create when I am feeling my best, and I know to give myself a break when I am not. I believe that all of my work reflects how I see the world.

I aim to lend my eyes and my heart to those who are willing to see the world through them. I believe we are all here for one purpose, all explaining the same testimonial through an experience that is uniquely each our own. I believe that we are both student and teacher. I want to use my vision to uplift the people around me, especially Indigenous People, near and far. 

Hiyas Masi.